Trophy Classes

ToyotaFest has always been a show where anyone can put their Toyota on display regardless of what model it is or the amount of time, effort, money and skill that has been lovingly consumed by it. Acknowledging this, the ToyotaFest Trophy Classes are intended to encourage the broad spectrum of vehicles that make this show great.


Street Elite

In line with the desired community feel and social focus of the event we have reduced the number of categories judged by officials to 4 elite show car categories.

  • Best of Show – Highest overall scoring vehicle
  • Best Paint & Panel – Best finish and workmanship of vehicle exterior
  • Best Interior – Best finish and workmanship of vehicle interior
  • Top Engine Bay – Best presented engine bay


Entrant’s Choice

The entrant’s choice trophy has always been awarded to the vehicle that has impressed not the judges but the competitors who have given their all to present their pride and joy to the show. These are vehicles that standout from the crowd not because of the flawless paint or highly polished engine bays but because they are amazing cars that are most appreciated by their peers. Logic would suggest that the best of show would be a shoe in for this award but this is rarely the case. This award is for those cars that are amazing in spite of their flaws. In line with the community feel of ToyotaFest, the entrants choice category include’s a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy.


Other Awards

With the generous support of our sponsors, we hope to have a number of prize packs that will be awarded to entrants for a variety of deserving reasons. Whilst no trophy will be awarded with the prize pack, it gives us an opportunity to recognise the efforts that competitors have made to prepare their cars and attend the event. The total number of prize packs available and the reason for each award will be disclosed at the event.


Please note: Trophy Classes are under review at all times and may change without notice.

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