• 2010 Wrap Up..!

    On Sunday 3rd October, we arrived at the Home Hub Hills centre in Castle Hill, to find the weather still unkind in our attempt at holding an outdoor all Toyota Car Show. But being the well prepared people we are, we had the alternate undercover carpark on the lower ground set up and ready to go. Daylight savings through a small spanner in the works, resulting in us taking entries slightly later than 9am and only allowing the show to offical start around 10am. I must take this opportunity to thank all entrants for their patience and cooperation with us. With an amazing 113 Toyotas entered on the day, you guys made the madness, slightly less mad by working with us. I hope you all enjoyed recieving show bags for the first time at ToyotaFest and have made use of the goodies and flyers from all our sponsors.

    As the last cars rolled into place, everyone was frantically chamoising and detailing in preparation to show off the largest selection of Toyota’s in NSW. ToyotaFest has historically always presented just shy of 100 cars, even on a beautifully sunny day. 2010 seemed to be the turning point for an event that the Toymods Car Club and Home Hub Hills want to see grow into something more.

    As I rarely get the opportunity to browse through the wonderous Toyota’s everyone has put on display (the day just goes way to fast for me), I do get to judge a few classes, and all I can say is, the quality and diversity didn’t disappoint. With that, I can comfortably say we had Toyota Crowns and Corona’s ranging from the late 60’s, plenty of Celica’s and Corollas from the 70’s, a small glimmer of the 80’s, the Celica GT4’s and Supra’s generously represented the 90’s with a handful Toyota luxury in the form of Cressida’s and Lexus to round out the late models. So in essence there was a Toyota to please all walks of life. Who says Toyota isn’t versatile.

    On top of the amazing collection of Toyota’s, there was an excellent presence of generous sponsors and some face painting for the kids! Firstly Home Hub Hills (the venue)… there’s no way it would have been as successful without their support. DBA, Meguiars, Castrol & JB HiFi all donated generous prizes for the Lucky Door draw as well as the major prize of a pair of rotors & V8 Supercar experience from DBA for the Best of Show. DBA were also nice enough to come along and setup a trade display. So leading into the trophies, I can’t thank the boys from Just Car Insurance enough, for jumping on board and sponsoring the trophies as well as driving all the way from Melbourne to pop up a trade stand for the day and supplying show bags to some spectators containing bright blue undies. Let’s just say, some should have been left in the bags!

    So just before the official part of the show took place, we had the first ToyotaFest lucky door prize draw. All entrants had a chance to win with their entrant number thrown into a jelly bean paint tin, drawn by our lovely Toymods barrel girl – Stitt could have done with a shave. On offer, was four DBA rotor packages, 10 Meguiars product packs, about 16 4Lt bottles of Castrol oil, and five JB HiFi vouchers. Congratulations to all those lucky winners…

    Although we feel trophies aren’t the main focus of ToyotaFest we do have them to round out the show. Judging was taken care of by a selection of sponsors & Toymods officials, and again was very trying in the decision making as to why one car was more deserving than another. While we’d love to see a diverse cross section of winners, all trophy classes are judged on the merit of the vehicles. The Winners for ToyotaFest 2010 are as follows;
    We’ll start with some encouragement awards for 3 cars we thought deserved to win, but just missed out due to something very minor.

    Encouragement Awards –  Free entry to next years ToyotaFest.
    Entrant #20 – Luis, TA22 Celica (came close to Best Classic Celica)
    Entrant #48 – Jessie, ZRE-152 (came close to I’d Drive It)
    Entrant #12 – Peter, RT72 (came close to Best Classic Original)

    Now for a few random supporters awards…

    Slutty Offset Award from Zoom Magazine – wins a 6 month subscription.
    Entrant #98 – Josh, MS51 Crown (dumped with an amazing amount of dish)

    Toyota National Choice (www.toyota-nationals.org.au)
    Entrant #65 – Liam, KE55 Corolla

    Home Hub Hills Award
    Entrant #09 – Mick, TA22 Celica

    Major Trophies…

    Best Classic Original
    Entrant #38 – Justin, KE26 Corolla

    Best Modern Original
    Entrant #60 – Eliot, MA61 Celica Supra

    Best Commercial
    Entrant #59 – Travis, Hilux

    Retro Tech
    Entrant #47 – Shane, KE25 Corolla

    Best Engineered
    Entrant #59 – Travis, Hilux

    Top Late Model
    Entrant #68 – Kyle, ZZE-123 Corolla

    Entrant #111 – Vito, AW11 MR2

    I’d Drive it!
    Entrant #27 – Kevin, RT142 Corona

    Street Sleeper
    Entrant #05 – John, AE92 Corolla

    Top Engine Bay
    Entrant #26 – Martin, KE30 Corolla

    Best Paint & Panel
    Entrant #26 – Martin, KE30 Corolla

    Best Interior
    Entrant #26 – Martin, KE30 Corolla

    Top Coupe
    Entrant #15 – Wayne, MA61 Celica Supra

    Top Hatch
    Entrant #03 – Michael, AE82 Corolla

    Nathan Dean Memorial Trophy for Best Classic Celica
    Entrant #51 Thomas, TA22 Celica

    Entrants Choice… this year was a 3 way tie!
    Entrant #03 – Michael, AE82 Corolla
    Entrant #26 – Martin, KE30 Corolla
    Entrant #47 – Shane, KE25 Corolla

    Entrant #26 – Martin, KE30 Corolla

    Congratulations to all the winners and again a very big thank you to everyone for braving the weather and being a part of ToyotaFest 2010!

    For the final exciting climax of the show… we drew the winner of the FREE Petrol for a Year Winner. This prize was open for anyone who came to visit ToyotaFest 2010. Home Hub Hills generously provided this competition as part of their fantastic support. As we pulled the winning ticket from the barrel I was hoping to read out a name of someone standing in the crowd and I announced Luke Sheather as the winner, he emerged from the back of the bunch with a stunned but eventually very happy look on his face!

    With the end of ToyotaFest 2010 a special thanks should be extended to the Toymods Board; Rod, Kirsty, Pete, River, Simon, Anthony, Rob, Paul, Farky & Stitt, as well as a few volunteers who helped during the chaos of the morning; Joe, Josh & Mandy. Fonz warrants a mention as I hit him up half way through the show to help be the official photographer. Josh & his dad were also absolute champions, helping to get the Toymods fugly truck to its first show on their trailer. Also I can’t forget Bo, Ray and Julie from Home Hub Hills. All your efforts were tremendous!

    Hope to see everyone there next year for ToyotaFest 2011 drenched in sunshine…

    Toymods Special Event Coordinator

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